Restorative Community Coalition
Working with citizens in need in our community.

(formerly: ReEntry Coalition of Whatcom County)


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Mission Statement
Restorative Community Coalition is in the business of ReClaiming Lives. We are an action oriented coalition advocating for restorative, economic, systemic and social change.

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The Restorative Community Coalition strives to re-envision and redesign our justice system and repair the civic and community impacts of those systems. We aim to implement sustainable, duplicable programs of housing, self-reliance and sustainable living for those citizens experiencing trauma due to our inequitable civic and justice systems. In liaison with local, state and national organizations and look internationally for models with better return on investment and outcomes. We affirm and encourage 'Right Action for All' of our citizens and our planet.


As a member of RCC, I agree to:
  • treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • respect myself and all living beings, as well as the planet and all of her resources
  • serve the organization for the betterment of the whole to the best of my ability
  • be a positive force for social justice by working from a foundation of honesty, integrity, equity, support, and understanding

  • Improve public safety in Whatcom County
  • Reduce recidivism and criminal justice costs
  • Reduce emergency and other medical cost
  • Improve community education in regards to re-entry
  • Promote community prevention and early intervention activities
  • Re-StoreALife Center (See Programs/Projects)

Why Re-Entry?
PUBLIC SAFETY, ECONOMIC and SOCIAL. Community safety is enhanced, the costs of incarceration are reduced and when supported, people can become productive members of the community and are less likely to re-offend when they are helped with housing.

Why should I care?
National statistics show that 3 out of 4 returning offenders will re-offend within three years. We can continue to spend over $51,000 a year to return re-offenders to prison OR work with them to develop better ways of living that will NOT violate community safety.

Read about our Oct 1, 2011  Visionary Mastermind Conference

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The Founder's Vision - The RestoreALife Center

ReVise and RightSize!