Restorative Community Coalition
Working with citizens in need in our community.

(formerly: ReEntry Coalition of Whatcom County)


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Morgan's Mobile Knife Sharpening
Available to schedule appointments for businesses or groups to sharpen kitchen knives for employees or members. Donation - $1.50 per knife.

Your donation will be used wisely to support those in need of housing and program services such as: education, employment and transportation. Thank you for your generosity and awareness of this important community issue.

Consideration: Are you wondering what you'll do with the gifts you receive at holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, appreciation awards, etc? Announce to your family, friends and employers (or give your employees the choice of donating) that you would prefer them to donate to our cause and help our community become safer and more functional.

Would you like to help in a more sustainable way? Consider a monthly gift, a gift from your will, or an endowment.

Here are 3 ways to make a donation:

Use your Paypal Account or a credit card by clicking the Donate button.

Click here to download a Donation Form to print out and mail to us.

Click this email link to request the Donation Form emailed to you as an attachment.

Joy Gilfilen - President
Irene Morgan - Founder
Debbie David - Facebook
Lisa Farino - Board Member

For a Safer Community since 2006
Mission Statement: Restorative Community Coalition is in the business of ReClaiming Lives. We are an action oriented coalition advocating for restorative, economic, systemic and social change.

Fund Raising Appeal
For people who have conviction histories, the barriers to successful re-entry into society are enormous - which means that 2/3 of the people fail and return to prison. Our community loses on every front: families fail, human potential is lost, the costs are escalating, and our institutions are stretched.

With economic challenges increasing, the need to help these citizens transition back into our community is crucial! The Coalition has many programs that are all volunteer - and we are asking you to help us help more.

We need a physical office and meeting space to carry out our larger goals, and the cost is estimated at $600/ month.

We ask for your financial support to help people stabilize so they can get a job! Example: Monthly bus pass $30 Background checks, each $50 Interview or work clothes $100 Bicycle (work transportation) used $150 Housing Deposit $150 Room rent - month $450

We have provided assistance to hundreds of people who have been impacted, and we have several programs you can read about at With your help - we can leverage our work and make a huge difference - ultimately this brings more safety and prosperity to our community!

Our Goal is to build our ReStoreALife Center that would include: - Housing - transitional - Employment/education, functional literacy, life skills - Recovery Center (addiction and wellness treatment), wellness training

Gifts and donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!

I Pledge: $5000 ~ $1500 ~ $500 ~ $100 ~ $50 ~ $25 Other_________

Please make donations to RCC ~ PO Box 31026 ~ Bellingham, WA 98228

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*Restorative CommUnity Coalition is a Federal IRS **501(c) (3) nonprofit - tax deductible organization.*